pet grooming services



We offer full bathing services for puppies and adult dogs which include wash, blow dry, brush/comb out, nail trim, ear clean.  Prices vary by size, breed, and condition of dog upon arrival.

Small (<15lbs)  Standard (16-50lbs)  Large (51-70lbs)  Giant (70+lbs)


We offer full grooming services beyond a brush/comb out if you would like your dog's coat trimmed and styled with a specific breed cut or maintenance cut.

Special Care - we will recommend if needed


Spa Treatments - Ask us about adding these on to your spa day

Along with our Grooming Services, we offer a variety of spa treatments and special services to pamper your pooch: 

  • MOISTURIZING  BLUEBERRY FACIAL   You will love our blueberry facial. It's a tearless, lick-safe face wash and color brightener all-in-one that uses Blueberries, Avocado, Coconut oil, and Aloe. Our blueberry facial is rich in Vitamins A, D & E and is gentle on the eyes. Smells delicious! 
  • SNOUT MOISTURIZING TREATMENT   This treatment will help soothe, soften and rejuvenate your dog’s nose. Helps dry, chapped noses, crusty and cracked noses, as well as Hyperkeratosis. It’s a natural sunscreen and helps prevent windburn. Great for Brachycephalic Breeds! 
  • PAD MOISTURIZING TREATMENT  Regular moisturizing helps keep your dog’s pads moisturized and nourished. Helps transform rough and scratchy paw pads to healthy and smooth paw pads. 
  • NAIL SMOOTHING  Give your dog’s nails a smooth finish.
  • NAIL POLISH  We have a variety of dog friendly colors to polish toenails.
  • FEATHERS, GEMS AND STENCILING We have feathers, gem stones, stenciling available for your special occasions.
  • DEEP CLEANING PAW FIZZ SOAK  The Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz soak has great health benefits for  pet paws. Most dogs lick their paws due to a buildup of bacteria, fungus and/or yeast in the toes and around their paw pads. This treatment contains White Tea Tree Oil along with other luxurious natural ingredients, which have great benefits for their paws that can fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria, and germs. Also helps whiten and brighten the nails natural color, condition the nails as well as soften and replenish the moisture in the paws. 
  • SKIN & COAT REMOISTURIZING CONDITIONER TREATMENT  This deeply penetrating conditioner made with aloe and other natural ingredients, helps dull, dry damaged skin and coat by restoring   moisture, softness, and balance for that healthy look and feel.   
  • MINERAL MUD BATH   Tranquil fragrance, conditions skin with valuable minerals, helps exfoliate the skin to remove impurities and hydrates with 100% Certified Aloe.   This mud bath treatment will condition, rehydrate and rebuild  the coat while pampering your pet.